How to prove you’re the greatest candidate with a “golden ticket” to your desired job.


How to prove you’re the greatest candidate with a “golden ticket” to your desired job.

When applying for jobs, a COVER letter is usually sent with the CV and is custom-written for each application, or at least it should be.

Cover letters give context to a candidate’s CV, experience, and talents, allowing them to sell themselves more effectively and stand out. Maria Ovdii of Ivory Research, a CV writing specialist, gave her top suggestions for writing a cover letter that assures an interview, as well as what stereotypes to avoid, as she highlighted that it can be a “golden ticket to securing a dream job.”

“A cover letter is your first chance to show why you’re the ideal candidate for a job, and you should demonstrate passion and understanding of the work and firm you’re looking for,” she said exclusively to This website.

“Your cover letter should serve as a personal introduction to your application and assist in selling it.”

Ms. Ovdii went on to say that a cover letter should not be a carbon duplicate of a CV, but rather should concisely complement it.

“Knowing where to begin is the most difficult element, but the most important piece and where you should start is knowing who you are, what position you’re applying for, and how you meet the role’s requirements.

“The finest cover letters get right to the point, so don’t go more than one page or you’ll lose the reader’s attention.”

Ms. Ovdii suggested the following cover letter best practices:

“Plan what you want to say and frame it in terms of what is most important before you draft anything. Many cover letters lack structure, making them difficult to comprehend.

“Consider who will be reading it, write to them directly, and explain why they should hire you.

“Do your homework about the company’s culture and market situation to demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.

“Don’t put it off till the last minute; make sure you’re ready ahead of time.”

“Begin the cover letter with a bang, expressing your enthusiasm for the job.

“Rather than just being effective at your profession, show off your personality and how you would contribute to the larger working community. Be truthful, but leave out any unfavorable facts.

“Keep in mind when drafting your cover letter that yours will be among a large number of applications. You want to make yours stand out by being original, so avoid cliches like “I am applying for this job because…” and “I am applying for this job because…” “Brinkwire Summary News” is used throughout.


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