How retirees who have not yet applied for a state pension could take advantage of “flexible tax options.”


How retirees who have not yet applied for a state pension could take advantage of “flexible tax options.”

TAXES are a topic that many people prefer to avoid as much as possible, but knowing your tax situation is critical for successful retirement planning.

A person’s understanding of tax rules will enable them to take advantage of the possibilities and allowances available to them. It can also help them reduce their tax burden throughout their lives, allowing them to save more money after they retire.

Pensions are particularly tax advantageous in the United Kingdom, thus people can get a lot of tax relief.

There are solutions available for persons who retire before their state pension begins to receive tax-free money.

Justin King highlighted various choices when retiring before your pension may lead to tax nirvana on The Retirement Café podcast.

”Your tax nirvana would be to have completely utilized your pension payments throughout the course of your life,” he said.

“If you’re a higher-rate taxpayer, you’ll get 40% tax relief, potentially even more depending on whether personal allowances have been taken into account.

“However, I am completely contributing to pensions and ISAs.

“Then, when you reach to that point of financial independence, when you open those taps… if you have a dual income coming in, that would probably be the most tax efficient since both you and your partner have their personal allowances.

“And then you both have a dividend allowance of £2000, and you may hit, it’s even above £50,000 before you hit higher rate allowances,” says the expert.

Mr King mentioned retiring before receiving a pension when outlining other benefits of pensions and ways to reduce the amount of tax paid.

“Pension income does not have National Insurance,” he explained.

“So it might be a defined benefit pension, a final salary pension, a state pension, or your personal pension arrangements – they wouldn’t be affected.

“There are a lot of flexible tax options available if you retire or stop working before receiving your state pension.

“At £12,500, you may be taking money out of your pension and using up all of your personal allowance this year.

“There’s also the possibility of getting extra tax-free money from a pension program.

“As a result, you may have £16,500 in tax-free income before it counts towards your personal allowance.”

Britons may gain from front-loading this before receiving their state pension, as their state pension may be reduced as a result. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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