How I went from being £25k in debt to assisting others in avoiding “the debt trap.”


How I went from being £25k in debt to assisting others in avoiding “the debt trap.”

A WOMAN FROM EXETER who paid off £25,000 in debt has spoken exclusively to This website about how she now helps others avoid falling into “the debt trap.”

Mary Elizabeth, 32, graduated from university with a £25,000 debt but is now a self-described ‘finance nerd’ who has even started a blog after turning her finances around.

She now assists others in their debt-free journeys and offers some simple solutions to help others avoid going into debt during the holiday season.

Mary Elizabeth was in a £25,000 debt at her lowest point, which she accumulated while attending university.

She paid off her debt by knuckling down for five years and working out a plan with an adviser, despite the fact that she couldn’t believe how easily she had gotten into so much debt.

She used to struggle to manage her finances over the holidays, even after becoming debt-free, until she discovered a free feature on her bank app.

“I’ve been using spare change round-up for the past two years and think it’s underrated,” she explained.

Without making any changes, I was able to establish a daily savings habit.”

“I have been able to save at least £400 a year just by activating the round-up feature on my Starling Bank account app,” the blogger continued.

Because she now rounds up her spare change throughout the year, she no longer has to worry about paying for Christmas.

Most people have access to a similar feature that allows them to round up their spare change, but she says it’s a game changer for those who haven’t tried it yet.

“I started my blog to share what I’ve learned and to show people how they can save money without making major lifestyle changes,” she explained.

Even though she doesn’t notice the difference throughout the year, she notices it in December.

She advises people to avoid using credit cards during the holiday season and to agree with family on a “one gift rule” well before the big day.

“Think about it: how many Christmas gifts do you get that you don’t really need?

“By committing to buy for one person, each family member ensures that everyone receives at least one gift that they truly enjoy.”

She goes on by saying:

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