‘Great stride forward’ for NHS prescription changes that will save women on menopause medication £205.


‘Great stride forward’ for NHS prescription changes to save women on menopause medication £205.

A RECENT GOVERNMENT proposal has resulted in significant changes to menopause medication prescription charges on the NHS.

Women in England can now pay less for repeatable hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescriptions through the NHS. As a result, women will only have to pay one prescription fee for up to a year’s supply of HRT medication.

According to the government, this will result in a saving of up to £205 per year for those who require the medication.

Prescription activists and the government have praised Carolyn Harris MP’s menopause support and services campaign, particularly in relation to HRT medication.

The parliamentary representative for Swansea East saw her bill pass through Parliament four months ago, resulting in the reduction in NHS prescription charges for women experiencing menopause across the country.

“The biggest complaint I’ve received over the last few months is from women who need both oestrogen and progesterone,” the Labour MP said in Parliament last October.

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“Women who have had a hysterectomy can take oestrogen alone, but everyone else needs both.”

“Despite the hormones being combined into one product, women are charged separately for the hormones, resulting in each prescription costing them £18.70,” she said.

Ms Harris will co-chair the Government’s new menopause taskforce with Maria Caulfield, the Minister for Women’s Health, in the future.

“Cutting the cost of HRT – which can be a lifeline for women who are severely affected by menopause – is a great step forward, but there is still more to be done,” Ms Caulfield said.

“As part of the Women’s Health Strategy, I’m looking forward to addressing the menopause in greater depth and working with Carolyn to improve support for women across the UK.”

The Prescriptions Coalition expressed support for the government’s changes to menopause medication.

The Prescriptions Coalition is a group of 51 organizations and bodies lobbying the government in England to abolish prescription charges for people with long-term illnesses and conditions.

“We welcome the government’s proposal that people who need HRT prescriptions only have to pay once a year for their medication, and call on the,” they said in a statement.

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