Good demand for cattle at the peak price of £ 1,245 per head for Simmental in Dumfries



Via Neale McQuistin

In Dumfries yesterday, C&D Auctions held its opening sale of primestock for 2021.

There were fifty-two cattle sold, with higher demand this week for OTM cattle. Top rates per head for a Simmental were £ 1,245, while for a Holstein, dairy cattle topped £ 896. 150p for a Limousin and 118p for a Holstein were the highest rates per kilo.

Prime cattle for a Limousin cross heifer were sold at 242p/kg.

Trade continues to boost for prime Hoggets (760), with shortage of the best forms. Top prices for medium-weight hoggets and £ 116 for heavyweights were 300p/kg. The 283 hoggets averaged 252p/kg, weighing 39kg-45kg. Also this week, the 278 ewes cast were sharper, with heavy ewes selling for £ 150 for Texels, while mountain ewes peaked for Blackfaces at £ 71.

At its weekly sale in Ayr on Tuesday, Craig Wilson sold 94 prime and cast cattle, with prime cattle once again selling high.

At a top price of 256p/kg or £ 1,472 for a Limousin, nine prime heifers sold, while one steer sold for 242p or £ 1,415.

Both grades in the beef ring were also more costly. For a Limousin, two bulls sold for £1,560 or 139p. Twenty-seven beef cows reached top prices of £1300 for a Limousin and a Charolais, or 163p for a Limousin.

Fifty-four dairy cows sold for £1,090 or 151p/kg for a Friesian heifer.

Caledonian Marts sold 1,569 prime pigs and fattening ewes at Stirling on Tuesday. All pig classes traded similar to last week, with an average price of 241p/kg for 39-45kg. The overall sale average for 1,117 animals sold was 235p (-1p).

Daily top prices were £123 for a 52kg Beltex cross pig and 300p/kg for a 39kg Beltex pig.

The majority of the 452 ewes whelped (61%) were mountain or horned ewes and all classes were more expensive this week. Heavy ewes averaged £110 and sold at £170 for a pair of Beltex crosses.

Export ewes averaged £68 and sold to £91 for Cheviots.

C&D Auction Marts sold 3,072 head at its annual sale of fattening pigs, ewes and rams at Longtown on Tuesday.

The hogs were a quality show and trade was described as out of this world, with an average price of 96.51 pounds apiece for Lowland hogs.

The top price was £200 for a Beltex pig donated to Cancer Research UK by annual vendor Robbie Muir from Tow Law, whose 418 pigs achieved an average price of £96.14.

Hill lambs achieved an average price of £62, with the top price of £95 for Blackfaces. Ewes sold at a top price of £129 for Texels, while Hill ewes achieved a top price of £85 for Cheviots and Blackfaces a price of £56.


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