Glasgow University is recruiting Graeme Roy. Mairi Spowage takes over as chief of Allander’s Fraser


By Ian McConnell

THE director of the Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde, Graeme Roy, is leaving the University of Glasgow to join the College of Social Sciences as external engagement dean.

Mairi Spowage, Fraser of Allander’s deputy director, will become the think tank’s interim director on 1 March, when Mr. Roy starts his new job at the University of Glasgow.

Roy’s change comes shortly after Danny Blanchflower, a former member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, was named a visiting professor at the University of Glasgow.

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After taking up his new job in Scotland, Mr. Blanchflower, who maintains his role as Bruce V. Rauner Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College in the U.S., is moving to the economics department at the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School.

Mr. Roy is a graduate of the University of Glasgow and a former Scottish government senior civil servant.

Since 2016, he has led the Fraser of Allander Institute and is also currently Head of Economics at Strathclyde University.

Ms. Spowage is a former senior Scottish government statistician and was the Scottish Fiscal Commission’s deputy chief executive from 2016 to 2018. Since last year, she has been the deputy director of Fraser of Allander.

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Sara Carter, Vice Principal and Head of the University of Glasgow’s College of Social Sciences, said, “Professor Roy is bringing considerable political and economic expertise to his new role.”

In addition to continuing his economic and economic policy analysis in Scotland, he will play an important leadership role in improving the profile and impact of the University and its social sciences study. With our partners in Glasgow and beyond, Professor Roy will work to help the aspirations of the city to be a leading and vibrant hub for business and productivity.

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“Mr. Roy said, “I’m pleased to be able to… Take this exciting new position on board.

In finding solutions to the key problems and opportunities facing our economy and society in the years ahead, social scientists have a vital role to play – whether it is Covid-19 recovery, climate change or how best to counter inequality and improve well-being. I look forward to working with colleagues around the university to advance an ambitious new external engagement agenda within the university.


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