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GLASGOW Airport this week warned of material uncertainties “which may cast significant doubt” over its ability to continue as a going concern, as it reported a sharp drop in profits for the year before coronavirus struck.

Directors underlined the huge impact that the pandemic is continuing to have on operations at the airport in new accounts for the company, which is owned by AGS Airports Holdings.

 The directors also highlighted the continuing uncertainty over when lockdown will end and the subsequent pace of recovery, additional funding, and the company’s ability to comply with or obtain a waiver with regard to its June 2021 lending covenants, as material uncertainties.

Special Series: The Business of Brexit

Jamie McMillan of Loch Fyne Langoustines says businesses are in jeopardy. Queues at Dover and strict checks, and tied-up fishing boats in Tarbert. Pictures: Getty Images/PA

In our special series this week, we highlighted problems across the supply in key Scottish sectors in the wake of Brexit rules coming into force on January 1.

Day One: Scottish seafood exports lost daily worth £1m amid checkpoint ‘chaos’

Day Two: Scottish goods ‘stranded’ as European hauliers boycott UK

Day Three: No deal Brexit leaves crucial Scots financial services sector out in cold​

Aberdeen job cuts loom as Shell retrenches in North Sea

Oil giant Shell to cut 330 North Sea jobs

Royal Dutch Shell has announced plans to cut around 330 jobs in its UK North Sea oil and gas business which is run from Aberdeen.

The cuts will reduce total employee numbers in the Anglo-Dutch giant’s North Sea business to around 1,000.

Aggreko’s Lomondgate site.

Multi-million pound blueprint for Dumbarton campus unveiled

Aggreko has revealed plans to invest £4.5 million to upgrade its production facility in Dumbarton.

The investment is part of the temporary power generator’s ambitions to become net zero in terms of the carbon emissions from its own operations by 2030.

The Valaris Gorilla VI leaves the Port of Dundee with the help of Targe and Forth Ports tugboats. Picture: Theo Currie

Forth Ports in tugboat takeover

Forth Ports has acquired Angus tug firm Targe in a multi-million pound deal to create a marine services business “of scale” along the east coast of Scotland.

Set up in 1991, Targe employs 90 people and was previously owned by the family of managing director Tom Woolley. 


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Glasgow’s largest Lidl supermarket has opened today, creating 40 jobs.
— The (@heraldscotland) January 14, 2021

And finally, from the bulletin … New Lidl is Glasgow’s largest | Hospitality debt could hit £1.2bn

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