“Give us our overpayment back!” – Avro Energy must pay a crippled couple – Crusader


“Give us our overpayment back!” – Avro Energy must pay a crippled couple – Crusader

Customers who are vulnerable are victims of incorrect final invoices and unjustifiable delays. Maurice and Mary Clarke are still trying to collect the £1,000 plus credit they were promised when they switched from Avro Energy to Octopus several months ago. We were all in the dark when the couple approached Crusader for assistance lately, because to the perplexing and contradicting information they had received.

But, as a result of the repeated demands for clarification and action, Avro is expected to act fast and restore what Maurice and Mary are owed.

This includes a £140 Warm Home Discount rebate that Avro was supposed to pass on to them in March.

The Clarkes’ situation is a disaster by any standard. Mary is incapacitated, and the couple, who are in their 70s, took all of the necessary steps when they realized they would have problems reading their meters, including joining the Priority Services Register.

If a customer does not have anybody else to take meter readings, suppliers are expected to offer to do so.

Outside, Maurice and Mary’s house has a gas meter and an electricity meter that is difficult to reach. Although this is a smart meter, it is the SMETS 1 type, which stops reading when consumers switch suppliers and is therefore grossly insufficient.

++ Please contact consumer and small business champion Maisha Frost at [email protected] if you’ve been affected by this issue or believe you’ve been a victim of injustice.

A countrywide update is scheduled for September 2022 to assure continuity, but it was not accessible when the Clarkes were with Avro.

They switched to the supplier through Flipper, a third-party service. “Avro did send out a reader last year, but not since as far as we’re aware,” Maurice explains. We haven’t been able to get in touch with them.

“Our monthly debit was hiked to £152, so we switched, and our monthly debit is now less than £80. Due to the problems and the need to protect our priority services register, I delegated the closing readings to the providers.

“A few weeks later, we received confirmation of the consumption data from Octopus, as well as a final statement from Avro stating that we owed £1,243.53. Getting that money back would be really beneficial to us.

“But there was nothing after that confirmation. We had to go via Flipper, who was also having trouble getting replies. Then there’s “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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