Former Fortune 100 executive discusses his “greatest fear” and what he wishes he had known in his twenties.


Former Fortune 100 executive discusses his “greatest fear” and what he wishes he had known in his twenties.

Peter Komolafe, a former Fortune 100 executive who now runs a financial education YouTube channel, has emphasized the importance of financial education for young people.

Mr Komolafe, who has 15 years of expertise in financial services, took to YouTube to share his professional knowledge and demystify money conversations for younger audiences after reaching financial success.

In an exclusive conversation with This Website, he discussed the main financial education flaws in school curricula and what young people need to know.

Conversations of Money, Mr. Komolafe’s YouTube channel, debuted early last year and has already amassed over a million subscribers worldwide.

“I just wanted to use it as a platform to have conversations with individuals that I wish someone had with me when I was 18, 20, or 25 years old.

“At the end of the day, my journey is my path, and I’m here to share my expertise in order to assist you on yours.”

Mr. Komolafe initially saw the education gap while working in wealth management and advising, when he was confronted with themes, skills, and knowledge that he believes should be taught in school as a life skill.

“This is the kind of thing I wish someone had taught me when I was in my twenties, but no one did because it isn’t taught in school.”

“I attribute a lot of my financial knowledge to the fact that it was my job to know what to do,” he said.

Due to the technology and language changes that the next generation of investors and savers encounter, Mr Komolafe pushes for a curriculum reshuffle.

“If you look at the national curriculum for the United Kingdom, it was established in 1988, and the stock market and other financial instruments were unavailable at the time.

“We’re looking at youngsters who are currently in school; these are the kids who will have to deal with AI taking their employment and seeking for alternative sources of income.”

“The curriculum isn’t designed for technology, for all of the things that these kids are exposed to now simply by having an Instagram account and being on TikTok,” he continued.

“Language is evolving as well; in the 1980s, it may have been referred to as ‘savings’ due to high interest rates.

“Well, we live in a climate where interest rates have been low for a long time, so investing or trading is an alternative to saving.

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