Former Edrington directors are introducing the “River Rock” single malt scotch whisky.


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A TRIO of whisky professionals with over 70 years of collective experience in creating some of the finest single malt brands in Scotland are introducing a new brand to make whisky more “inviting.”

The brainchild of three former Edrington directors, Mark Geary, Laura Anderson and Bill Farrar, who worked for leading single malt whisky brands such as The Macallan, Highland Park and The Glenrothes, is River Rock single malt Scotch whisky.

They said that when it comes to single malt whisky, River Rock was created to give customers a “more accessible choice” praising its “distinctive, tactile glass bottles made from colored glass that would normally go in the trash,” and the brand also provides a refill service.

The brand is claimed to challenge the “elitist image” often linked to malt whisky.

River Rock strives to “forge its own path rather than conform to tradition” and plants a tree for every recyclable bottle sold, motivated by a love for nature and a dedication to saving the earth.

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The business partners with a group of small Scottish brands, including the Ocean Vertical ethical adventure company, the Meander sustainable clothing company, the Common Coffee coffee roaster and the Bramblers bicycle studio and coffee shop.

It is hoped that outside conventional whisky circles, this would increase the profile of the whisky.

As a part of its contribution to the environment, the River Rock team said it has also collaborated with the John Muir Trust. A tree will be planted in Schiehallion, Perthshire, for every bottle of River Rock sold.

We all love single malt whisky, but we’ve seen how a lot of people will put off their idiosyncrasies and customs,” said Mr. Geary. “Too often, single malt can be hard work for someone new to it – it can taste too harsh and the picture can be too elitist.

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River Rock is the antithesis of all that, he said. We want to drink single malt whisky, not tolerate it. The bottle that we built is eye-catching and fits in the hand well, while it is easy to enjoy the single malt.

“At the same time, to make a meaningful contribution to the environment, we want to use our experience and resources. Laura, Bill and I share an appreciation for nature and how lucky we are to live in such a great place.

In order to leave the world in better condition for future generations, we want to do our part. That’s why we use multiple colored glass batches that would usually end up in the garbage, and our bottles are 100% recyclable. This is also why we collaborated with the John Muir Trust to plant a tree for every bottle we sell in Scotland.

The team spent three years seeking the single malt that met the requirements of being “smooth and inviting with a soft, sweet taste and a hint of spicy oak on the nose.” The aroma profile and flavor derive from the fact that during distillation the whiskey is taken higher up the copper still than other single malts and that the spirit is aged in ex-bourbon casks.

Via social media competitions, River Rock partners’ customers will have the opportunity to win a bottle, while each partner will also earn a bottle allocation for their customers in the vote.

The remainder will be available in early November, with the second batch planned in December, via Berry Brothers & Rudd, in their Pall Mall store and on their website.


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