For picking veggies, farmers are giving £62,000 per year.


For picking veggies, farmers are giving £62,000 per year.

As a result of severe workforce shortages, the owners of a farm in Lincolnshire are offering up to £240 per day for picking veggies.

The family-owned business is searching for employees who may make up to £30 per hour for work that is accessible all year, not just during the summer. Picking sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbages on a full-time basis would cost £62,000 a year.

Of course, that kind of pay would require someone to work full-time for seven and a half hours per day, but the position is open all year.

The owners of a farm in Boston, Lincolnshire, claim that personnel shortages have resulted as a result of Brexit, and that they don’t have enough people to pick and pack Brussels sprouts and cauliflower for stores.

“We are seeking for Field Operatives to harvest our broccoli,” TH Clements wrote on Facebook.

“Excellent piecework rates with the opportunity to earn up to £30 per hour and work available all year.”

Farmers in Scotland warned last month that they were having to throw away vegetables due to a lack of personnel.

Andrew Faichney, managing director of East of Scotland Growers (ESG), said he had already thrown out millions of broccoli and cauliflower due to a labor shortage.

It comes at a time when the country is experiencing a scarcity of truck drivers and abattoir workers.

As predictions of a grim Christmas grow, the shortage of food pickers is having an impact on how much food makes it to retail shelves.

Bernard Matthews’ owner, Ranjit Singh Boporan, told Sky News that he had informed residents in July that a food crisis was imminent.

“With fewer than a hundred days until Christmas, Bernard Matthews and my other poultry enterprises are working harder than ever to attempt to recruit workers to keep food supply flowing,” he said.

“Since I raised the issue in July, nothing has fundamentally changed.”

“In fact, it gives me little joy to point out that the gaps on the shelves of which I warned back then are widening by the day.”

Pig farmers and meat industry workers demonstrated outside the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester earlier today.

They believe that due to labor shortages, 120,000 animals would be murdered unnecessarily.

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