For leaving tenants and new entrants, legislation offers a “opportunity”



Via Neale McQuistin

The Tenant Farming Commissioner welcomed the news that the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 legislation on the surrender and assignment provisions has now been put before the Scottish Parliament and will enter into force by 28 February 2021.

The law has a dual function in that when it is surrendered, it will allow retired tenants to understand the importance of a secure tenancy, and it could promote more tenancy opportunities for new farming entrants.

The Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC) has a special legislative role in determining the amount to be paid by the landlord to the tenant for the surrender of the tenancy by appointing an impartial appraiser. The TFC is to create a panel of experienced assessors to rely on to determine the compensation owed to the tenant in order to satisfy this requirement.

Tenants and landlords are invited to nominate their chosen appraiser, and the appraiser is then normally named by the TFC.

If, however, the tenant does not nominate a preferred appraiser, the TFC may appoint a panel appraiser to administer the appraisal.

“It’s good to see this legislation moving forward and providing an opportunity for both retiring tenants and newcomers. The legislation is due to come into force early next year, so I invite suitably experienced surveyors to apply for this new panel.”

Market overview Yesterday, at Newton Stewart, Craig Wilson Ltd. sold 2,078 prime and cast sheep.

Mixed quality was shown by the 1,870 prime lambs, expressed in the average price, which dropped to 201p/kg (-10p). Again, with the best export lambs still fetching 214p and up to a peak price of 235p for a pair of Texels, the heavyweights suffered the biggest loss. The highest price per head was also charged at £ 100 for a pen from Texels.

Thrown sheep also proved to be more difficult to redeem this week – for Texel cross ewes, the highest price was £ 102. Mules sold for £ 74, and £ 67 for Blackfaces.

At its Primestock weekly sale in Dumfries yesterday, C&D Auctions sold 57 goats, 1,092 lambs and 217 sheep.

They sold primary cattle at 244p/kg. For beef cows, OTMs peaked at £ 895 and 123p/kg, while dairy cows sold for £ 870 and 120p/kg for Holsteins.

This week, trade in prime lambs eased, with heavyweights the most difficult to sell.

Top prices for hard lambs and 236p/kg for lighter lambs were £ 108.

In the 39kg to 45kg weight range, there were 468 lambs, averaging 207p.

A smaller show of cast ewes was a similar trade during the week. For Texels, Heavy Ewes sold for £ 106, while Blackfaces peaked at £ 58.


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