Flat pack, rising prices: Furniture from Ikea is now collectible


Don’t just throw your old flat-pack furniture away – you could be sitting on a fortune.

Classic models that the retailer once sold at bargain rates have become costly must-haves after Ikea launched a program to buy back and resell discarded furniture in November.

For antique pieces built for the Swedish chain, some collectors are willing to pay thousands of pounds, including some that could be sold in shops as recently as the 1990s. On Pamono, a vintage and contemporary furniture website, a package of four Vilbert chairs, a multicolored product made of MDF and melamine that Ikea sold for around 60 pounds in the early 1990s, is being offered for more than 4,500 pounds. The Vilbert chairs were only manufactured in a limited edition, so it is doubtful that they are still in many British homes.

But even some basic Ikea furniture that was made in large quantities can get much more than it originally cost. Jarpen metal wire chairs sold for just £ 12 in 1986, while Hasslo stackable polyurethane chairs for indoor and outdoor use, common in the 1990s, are now priced at £ 675 for four sets. “The most popular vintage Ikea furniture is from the 1980s and 1990s,” Wava Carpenter from Pamono says. “I think that’s because during that time Ikea started to define itself as a brand aimed at a youthful, urban, contemporary audience. The silhouettes are fun, eye-catching and colorful, even if they are more minimalist. “Ikea’s Buy Back campaign, introduced last month in stores across the UK, which enables consumers to return used or discarded items, Ireland as well. Participants earn coupons depending on the quality of the returned goods, which are then sold in the shop or recycled for sale again. Ikea first came to the U.K. He opened a shop in Warrington in 1987. In the 1960s and 1970s, the furniture Ikea sold borrowed heavily from Danish trends of the mid-century that are common around the world today. Gillis Lundgren, who designed the Billy bookshelf and is known as the inspirer of the movement of Flatpack furniture, was behind many early Ikea designs that are considered modern classics and cost more than £ 6,000 each. His 1972 Impala chair is currently on sale for £ 6,210 through 1stDibs, a New York-based marketplace for high-end furniture, with a tubular steel frame and bright red or gold upholstery. There’s an increasing demand for Ikea furniture from the 1960s, which often looked like modern midcentury Scandinavian,”There’s a growing market for 1960s Ikea furniture, which often looked like Scandinavian midcentury modern,” At a fraction of the price, some Ikea designs that fetched 750 pounds or more at auction were replicated for modern buyers. The Lovet leaf-shaped side table, introduced in Sweden in 1956, was Ikea’s first flat-pack model.

An original is for sale for 720 pounds at 1stDibs, but it was replicated as the Lovbacken table by Ikea and is still available in supermarkets, for 45 pounds in the UK. In Ikea lore, after Lundgren was forced to saw off the legs to fit it in his car, the Lovet table inspired the Flatpack system. While Ikea is seen by some as inexpensive and practical, Eva Seeman, head of modern art and design at Bukowskis auc (to say the least). At Bukowskis, for a 1960s daybed, Singoalla, the highest price achieved under the hammer for an Ikea item was £ 3,600. If the piece of furniture is from the PS range, the best chance you have of sitting on a financial surprise is. PS stands for Post Scriptum, a set Ikea launched in 1992 and repeats to add to its regular assortment about every three years. Seeman adds, “At Bukowskis, the highest price achieved under the hammer for an Ikea item was £3,600 for a 1960s daybed, Singoalla. The best chance you have of sitting on a financial surprise is if the piece of furniture is from the PS series. PS stands for Post Scriptum, a collection Ikea introduced in 1992 and repeats about every three years to add to its standard assortment.Seeman adds, ” The chairs by Mats Theselius are an example. There are few items that are in pristine condition, as most Ikea furniture was intended for regular use. The Amiral armchair, which is


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