Final Words from Facebook Whistleblower Haugen on the Platform’s Impact on Young Users’ Mental Health


Facebook has been facing several charges and attending numerous hearings because of some serious allegations.

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If you are one of the individuals who missed the important discussions in these hearings, here are the statements confirmed by Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, as well as the impacts of FB on its young girl users.

Facebook Whistleblower Haugen’s Testimony

Haugen’s latest testimony against Facebook claims that the giant social media company prioritizes its profits over the safety of its long-time and new consumers.

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“I saw that Facebook repeatedly encountered conflicts between its own profits and our safety,” said Frances via CNBC’s latest report.

She added that the social media giant usually solves issues favoring its profits instead of focusing on the problems that could comprise the safety of its users.

Haugen added that she doesn’t regret going against the company. But, the Facebook whistleblower stated that she already knows that FB could use its resources and connections to reject her claims.

She added that she decided to come out because something is wrong with Facebook’s system, which users are certainly unaware of. Frances added that Facebook usually hides important information from its shareholders, the U.S. government authorities, and users.

Facebook Affects Teenage Girls’ Mental Health

Recently, another Senate hearing titled “Protecting Kids Online: Facebook, Instagram, and Mental Health Harms” discussed how the Facebook-owned platform Instagram affects the mental health of its users, especially young girls.

However, The New York Times reported that many of these young consumers already know IG’s impacts, adding that they are no longer surprising.

On the other hand, Instagram’s alleged toxic environment was also discussed during the hearing with Haugen. Lawmakers claimed that IG could greatly affect how these young girls see their appearances.

As of the moment, the lawsuit filed against FB is still ongoing. Although it is still unfinished, many consumers now have more ideas of how Facebook could negatively impact their daily lives.

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