Extra housing payments are available to retirees – Are you eligible for government assistance?


Extra housing payments are available to retirees – Are you eligible for government assistance?

If retirees have a particularly low income, the government may be able to help them with housing expenditures. This could include assistance with Council Tax and mortgage payments.

Pension Credit is a supplement to low-income pensioners’ income. Claimants may also be eligible for assistance with specific lifestyle costs in addition to these increased payments.

Pension Credit recipients may be eligible for supplementary payments to help with housing costs. The actual amounts paid will be determined by the claimant’s individual housing costs. Pension Credit recipients may also be eligible for reduced council tax, Housing Benefit (if they rent), and Support for Mortgage Interest if they own their home.

A claimant must live in England, Scotland, or Wales and have attained state pension age to be eligible for Pension Credit. Claimants’ income will be calculated when they apply for Pension Credit.

Pension Credit will supplement a claimant’s income in the following areas:

If claimants have a handicap, care for someone, have savings, or have housing costs, they may be eligible for Pension Credit even if their income is higher than these thresholds.

Pension Credit applicants may also be eligible for an additional £54.60 per week for each child or young person they care for. If the first kid was born before April 6, 2017, the weekly allowance increases to £65.10.

Additional money may be paid in cases where the children being cared for are impaired.

If they receive other applicable benefits, claimants with severe disabilities may be eligible for an additional £67.30 per week. Attendance Allowance, the daily living component of PIP, or the Armed Forces Independence Payment, are examples of this.

All Pension Credit claimants will be automatically eligible for cold weather benefits when they are issued.

Pension Credit applications can be filed up to four months before a person reaches the age of eligibility for the state pension. After reaching the state pension age, applicants can apply at any time, although claims can only be backdated three months.

Claims can be submitted on the government’s website, over the phone, or by mail.

Claimants will need to have specific information on hand before applying. This contains their National Insurance number as well as information on their earnings and savings.

If a claimant is unhappy with a decision made by the DWP after filing a claim, they will be able to appeal it under obligatory reconsideration procedures.

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