Entrepreneur Fallon Carberry, owner of BLOW Colour Bar salons, launches Juicy UK with West End juice bar


ENTREPRENEUR Fallon Carberry, a trained hairdresser who is owner and founder of the BLOW Colour Bar salons in Glasgow, is launching her new Juicy UK venture on Byres Road in April.

Ms Carberry highlighted the fact she is already searching for further locations in Glasgow and “beyond”.

Juicy UK is described as a “fresh new concept, offering health-conscious Glaswegians a range of fresh cold pressed juices” and will also feature an acai bar.

Ms Carberry has made a significant investment in juicing equipment at a distribution hub in Glasgow. The hand-pressed juices will be delivered from this hub to the Byres Road shop and other outlets as they are launched, with Ms Carberry also looking at delivery alliances.

A spokeswoman noted there had been a soft launch of the juices on Instagram and they had “sold out straight away”.

Ms Carberry said: “I have been on a really personal health journey this past year, completely overhauling my diet and lifestyle. I train every day and I want to fuel my body with the nutrients it needs.

“Glasgow has a bad [reputation]for being a city of unhealthy eaters, but it seems more people than ever are keen to ditch the booze and looking for healthier alternatives. We want it to be the norm to see people all of all ages drinking one of our fresh juices.”

She added “When we saw the new location I instantly fell in love. We can’t wait to get our first shop open in the west end and we are already planning for new locations around the city and beyond.”


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