Entrepreneur explains how TikTok helped her reach five-figure sales in just one day.


Entrepreneur explains how TikTok helped her reach five-figure sales in just one day.

During the first lockdown, LUCY HITCHCOCK designed Partner in Wine as a response to socially distant drinks with pals.

Ms Hitchcock’s company, Partner in Wine, creates insulated wine bottles and tumblers, and after becoming viral on TikTok, sales increased by 1700 percent in one day. The brand now generates steady five-figure monthly income and is stocked at Selfridges, with plans to expand to another high-street retailer soon.

With insulated bottles that can hold a full 750ml of wine and matching insulated tumblers, Partner in Wine preserves any wine at the perfect temperature.

The bottles can keep cold drinks frozen for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, plus they’re BPA-free, leak-proof, and vacuum-sealed to keep the wine fresh during transport.

These bottles and tumblers were created with aesthetic and utility in mind, and are a must-have for any wine-on-the-go enthusiast.

When Ms. Hitchcock presented her business narrative on the social media app TikTok in March 2021, she broke sales records. In just 12 hours, the viral sensation racked almost half a million views, with an item selling every two minutes.

Partner in Wine announced the legendary retailer Selfridges as its first stockist shortly after.

Ms. Hitchcock launched Partner in Wine in the summer of 2020, after gaining experience as an entrepreneur through her digital marketing firm, Sassy Digital.

She realized there was a vacuum in the market she wished to fill after attempting to enjoy a drink in the park with a friend and being so unhappy with the warm rosé as the day progressed.

“It was nice to have company, but I missed my buddies. In the early summer, when we were finally allowed to see people outside again, I planned to meet up with my best friend Maddie for a drink in the park – socially distant, of course.

“The weather was beautiful, and after months of not seeing anyone, it was the ideal, and much-needed, opportunity to catch up.

“Cue me tossing my favorite bottle of rosé into the basket of my bike, only to discover that by the time I arrived at Maddie’s house, my beloved wine had warmed up.

“I considered pouring some of the rosé into my insulated water bottle the next time.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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