‘England should be the same!’ calls for a free bus pass for over 60s, similar to Scotland’s.


‘England should be the same!’ calls for a free bus pass for over 60s, similar to Scotland.

THE PUBLIC IN ENGLAND is calling for a free bus pass for people over the age of 60, similar to the discounts available in Scotland and Wales.

People in England can currently get a free bus pass once they reach the state pension age of 66.

One British citizen has started a campaign on the website 38 Degrees to get free bus passes for anyone over 60.

Linda Jones points out that other parts of the UK, such as Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and London, have more travel and public transportation concessions in place.

38 Degrees is a “progressive” campaigning website that allows people to rally around issues such as the NHS and benefits.

When people reach the age of 60 in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, they are eligible for a free bus pass.

Once residents of London reach the age of 60, they will be able to travel for free on buses, tubes, and other forms of public transportation as long as they stay within the city.

Those living elsewhere in England, on the other hand, are unable to travel for free because free bus passes are tied to the state pension age.

“I want to know why a woman aged 60 can get a free bus pass in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but she has to wait until she is 66 in England,” Ms Jones wrote on the 38 Degrees website.

England should follow suit.

“Why is this significant? Because my pension has been postponed until I reach the age of 66.

As an Englishman, I now have to wait until I am 66.”

Maureen T, one of the signatories, explained why she believes the free bus pass age limit in England should be raised.

“I would be eligible for a free bus pass at 60 if I lived in London or Wales,” she said.

Why should people from other parts of the country be treated differently?”

“If you want equality, everyone must have the same opportunities, regardless of their postcode,” another account named Joyce W added.

“I signed this petition because, like many other retirees born in 1954, my pension has been delayed twice,” Ann R added.

“Why shouldn’t we have a bus pass at the very least?”

Is it the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

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