Easdales Buys Dundee Bus Company


West of Scotland entrepreneurs Sandy and James Easdale have reached an agreement to add the Dundee service of National Express to their empire of McGill’s Buses.

McGill’s has bought from the bus giant the shares of the company operating in the coach travel business under the names Xplore Dundee and Xplore More.

There are 350 staff in the Dundee service and a fleet of 130 buses. It is located in the city’s East Dock Lane, with a turnover of £ 18 million.

The purchase, which must be completed by the end of the year, takes the turnover of McGill to £ 60 million and its staff to £ 1,200, and gives it a license to run 850 buses.

Ralph Roberts, McGill’s Buses chief executive, said, “We are buying the shares in the company and all operations will continue as usual. There are no immediate plans to change the branding of the buses.”

“We have a clear vision for growth and profitability and we are able to close deals quickly and with a minimum of fuss. That’s the way we’ve always operated.”

“The acquisition of Xplore is a perfect fit for us. While others shy away from investment, we’re always looking for new opportunities in both construction and transportation.”

A day after the Easdale brothers expanded their real estate holdings with the purchase of a ‘expansive waterfront property’ near Dumbarton, the transaction was announced. It paves the way for the construction of around 100 homes on the site for £ 30 million.


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