During a close encounter on vacation, a diver almost collides with a massive baby humpback whale.


During a close encounter on vacation, a diver almost collides with a massive baby humpback whale.

When it swam towards Yanna Xian, who was diving nearby, the baby humpback whale breached the water and flipped back, almost colliding with her.

After a baby whale swam up to the surface and nearly collided with her, a diver was filmed having an incredible close encounter with it.

Yanna Xian, 24, and her boyfriend, Mitch Brown, 27, were on a whale-watching tour in September while on vacation in Mo’Orea, French Polynesia.

Mitch’s video captures the two-week-old baby humpback whale closing in on Yanna before plunging into the sea.

Yanna has to frantically swim upwards to keep herself from descending due to its massive size and the movement of the water.

Yanna quickly swims back with her hands rather than her feet to avoid kicking the whale as it approaches within inches of her.

“We were just swimming on top of the water because we saw a mama whale and her baby whale resting at the ocean’s bottom,” Mitch explained.

“As we calmly observe them from above the water, a curious baby whale comes up to investigate us.”

“It’s possible this one didn’t notice Yanna, which is why it raised its head before touching her.

“It was as it was swimming away that I realized we had just made a life memory.”

“It felt like there was a genuine human-whale connection.”

The incident occurred on the last day of their vacation, and Mitch described it as a “beautiful display of respect” from both the whale and his companion Yanna.

“The whale clearly didn’t want to run into Yanna, but I was more concerned that the whale would hit Yanna unintentionally, and it happened so fast that by the time I could react, the whale had changed course,” he explained.

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“After that, we all swam over to each other and exchanged videos and photos, laughing and high-fiving.”

“We were all ecstatic that we were able to see it.”

“They had a connection for a brief moment.”

Yanna was letting some water out of her goggles when the whale approached, and when she lowered her head, she noticed it was right in front of her.

She did not touch the whale, but the experience had a profound impact on her.

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