Do you know if the post office will be closed on Columbus Day?


CUSTOMERS can expect the United States Postal Service to be closed on Columbus Day, also declared as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The nationwide holiday is celebrated on October 11, prompting many businesses to provide the day off to their staff.

Post offices across the U.S. will not deliver or receive mail on Monday in acknowledgement of the holiday.

The only mail services citizens can expect to receive are Holiday Premium mail and Priority Mail Express.

The USPS will re-open their doors the following day, October 12, at the usual times. The opening hours vary depending on location, so residents should check times beforehand.

The holidays fall on the second Tuesday every October, and Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ is inconsistently celebrated throughout the country.

For some businesses, it is simply another day, while in other areas staff has the entire day to stay at home and relax.

Since it is one of 10 federal holidays, all federal businesses shutter their doors and employees get a break including banks, bond markets and the postal service.

Which states celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

All other states don’t acknowledge the holiday, excluding federal businesses.


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