Disappointing and disappointing,’ retail boss states,’ Garden center closures’


Bulletin of Industry

The announcement by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that garden centers and homeware stores will be excluded from the list of primary distributors has come under fire from retail representatives.

It means that from Boxing Day, garden centers and homeware stores will have to close.

At the end of May, garden centers were allowed to reopen, becoming the first retail sub-sector to be allowed to reopen following the implementation of the national closure at the end of March.

Stores have “taken all possible steps to keep customers and staff as safe as possible.” the Scottish Retail Consortium said.

Scott Wright: Once they enter the bottom, the latest lockdown hits Scottish companies

It claimed that papers by SAGE public health experts and their Welsh colleagues, the Technical Advisory Board, stated that shutting down the stores would have a “very minimal impact” on R levels and minimize virus transmission.

“We acknowledge that the situation with the pandemic is rapidly moving and we are behind efforts to get the virus under control, but this is further disappointing and discouraging news for the retail sector of Scotland,” said David Lonsdale, director of the Scottish Retail Consortium.

We completely understand that with this decision, the government needs to persuade people to stay at home, but it is disappointing because the evidence shows that closing stores would have a marginal effect on the spread of the virus, and this is after retailers have proven that they can function safely in the current climate and have invested heavily to make stores safe for customers and workers.

“It’s doubly frustrating to learn of further changes to the Covid framework, and on such short notice, when retailers have been advocating for months for more transparency about potential next steps and a more consistent approach.”

Brothers in Dundee snap-up bus company

Easdales snap-up Dundee bus operator

West of Scotland entrepreneurs Sandy and James Easdale have reached an agreement to add their McGill’s Buses empire to the National Express bus business in Dundee.

McGill’s has bought from the bus giant the shares of the company operating in the coach travel business under the names Xplore Dundee and Xplore More.

In modern Scottish housing projects, potato skins heat apartments

According to the project’s developers, anyone who move into the Linen Quarter in Dunfermline will be able to heat their homes with potato peelings.

In the growth, which is the largest private project to link to an advanced, low-carbon network, landfill waste will heat homes.

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