Dear Green hopes that the B Corp award will cause other businesses to wake up and smell the coffee


Alongside some of the world’s leading brands, Glasgow-based coffee roasters are known for their intent before profit.

The coveted B Corp status has been achieved by one of the UK’s leading coffee roasters, Glasgow-based Dear Green. This strengthens its status as one of the most ethical businesses in the world and raises expectations that it will be the coffee supplier for the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place this year in Glasgow.

Dear Green also stands alongside globally recognized brands which have won the B Corp award, such as Innocent, Patagonia and The Body Shop. The company, which recently celebrated its ninth birthday, was created by Lisa Lawson when she became dissatisfied with how the industry handled workers, suppliers, consumers and the environment.

Since then, Dear Green has been committed to placing benefit above social and environmental duty, sustainability and practicality.

Dear Green is a B Corp., along with the Scottish brands Bruichladdich, Brewgooder and Beauty Kitchen. In order to ensure that it continues to follow strict social and environmental requirements, Dear Green has voluntarily committed to being reviewed every year by the non-profit organization B Lab.

The business, headquartered in the East End of Glasgow, not only ensures that its workers are never underpaid, undervalued or discriminated against and aims to pay the Real Living Wage, but also goes beyond ensuring an ethical supply chain.

After seeing some of the best and worst practices imaginable during her own work experience and visits to some of the poorest coffee growing regions in the world, Lisa vowed to create a business dedicated to justice and equality from farm to cup.

Since then, on “origin trips,” the Dear Green team has regularly visited coffee communities from Brazil and Colombia to Ethiopia and Burundi, ensuring a fair, traceable and sustainable strict sourcing process. Glasgow’s Lisa hopes that her company will lead by example and encourage change towards greater corporate integrity and transparency.

“She said, “Dear Green’s B-Corp certification is one of our proudest moments. It’s amazing to have the ethical principles that are ingrained in the culture of the business audited and validated at the highest level. It’s an exciting prospect for us to have a blueprint to strengthen what we already have.

This year has had its uncertainties and difficulties and resulted in a shaky new economic outlook being navigated by us. For our industry, it has been a tough year. With the realization that we are now part of the welcoming B-Corp community that will help us bring even more purpose before profit, ending 2020 gives us a renewed emphasis on the next part of our coffee roasting journey.

“Our community, our team, our customers, our supply chain and our environment have never been more positioned as drivers of business success than now. In every transaction we conduct with absolute transparency, we are proud to have this as our top priority.”

“We hope to serve as an example to businesses in Glasgow, Scotland and beyond by producing quality coffee without sacrificing ethical practices.”

The non-profit organization behind the B Corp campaign, Kate Sandle, Director of Programs and Collaboration at B Lab UK, added: “Business is a strong force that can be harnessed for good.” Dear Green’s inclusion is an exciting moment because they have the chance to lead the way in the coffee market. We are delighted to help Dear Green pave the way for a new way of doing business with the rest of the B Corp group.

“Dear Green’s commitment to doing business differently is an inspiration to others and can help spread the idea that we can redefine success in business by caring as much about people and the planet as we do about profit.”

Dear Green is a Glasgow-based organization that has been dedicated to environmental protection long before the topic dominated the news agenda with the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 taking place next year in Glasgow. It has also invested in new energy-efficient technology in addition to using second-hand goods where possible. All packaging is biodegradable, and processes are constantly r


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