Dance and music fans are being invited to assemble in support of a campaign march to save the UK’s nightlife.


Dance and music fans are being invited to assemble in support of a campaign march to save the UK’s nightlife.

On Sunday, June 27, music and dance fans are being urged to demonstrate their support for the UK’s vital nightlife and live event industries, which are fighting for survival in the face of continuing restrictions. Thousands of music fans, industry employees, and company owners across the cultural sector are expected to demonstrate in response to the ongoing lockdown squeezing the life out of the industry and all those working in it, according to the groups #LetUsDance and Save Our Scene #FREEDOM TO DANCE.

DJ performances by Alan Fitzpatrick, Eats Everything, East End Dubs, Fat Tony, Franky Wah, Hannah Wants, Jess Bays, Max Chapman, Charlie Tee, Kizzy Alicia, SUAT, Seb Zito, SOSA, Waff, Summer Ghemati, and Wheats will accompany the #FreedomToDance! march from Marble Arch to Parliament Square at 12pm.

“While it’s lovely to see waves of football fans partying in London, it really begs the question: why is the music sector still being smothered by the Government?” said George Fleming, founder of Save Our Scene. We have demonstrated that we can open responsibly, with 58,000 individuals participating in the pilot events, only 15 of whom tested positive (5 of which were home related). This has demonstrated that the business can successfully host safe events without contributing to the virus’s spread.”

“We have had to fight for every ounce of support and engagement during the pandemic,” Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association Savenightlife CIC #LetUsDance, said. Every time an announcement was made, we were always left out. Our industry is well-known and respected around the world, yet our government places a low value on it. It’s time to fight back and demonstrate the power of electronic music and the nighttime economy through its most valuable resource: its people! Now is the time to #Letusdance.”

“I’m obviously not a Covid denier or anti-mask/vaxer in any way shape or form,” Eats Everything said, “but what I am is a person who is a member of an industry that has been completely devastated time and time again.” “Stop destroying people’s hearts, minds, and livelihoods.”

Hannah Wants, a British DJ and producer who will play on Sunday, is “glad that the dance music industry is banding together to fight for our industry’s survival.”

One of life’s greatest blessings is the ability to dance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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