Corona vaccine: politician accidentally tweets prices of Corona vaccines


Corona vaccine prices reportedly landed on Twitter by accident on Thursday. Only for a short time, but long enough that they are now public knowledge.

A Belgian politician apparently accidentally disclosed the Corona vaccine prices of those manufacturers with whom the EU Commission has signed contracts: Consumer Protection State Secretary Eva De Bleeker published on Thursday in the short message service Twitter a table with prices per dose of vaccines from six companies. The entry was deleted after a short time, but the newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” published a screenshot.

Brussels authority invokes secrecy clause
According to the report, the drug from the U.S. company Moderna is the most expensive: it would cost $18 per dose. The U.S. company Johnson & Johnson would charge $8.50. The prices of the other suppliers were in euros: The vaccine from the Mainz-based company Biontech and its U.S. partner Pfizer would be twelve euros per dose, the Tübingen-based company Curevac would charge ten euros, and the French company Sanofi would charge 7.56 euros. By far the cheapest would be the drug from Astrazeneca with only 1.78 euros per dose.

The EU Commission has concluded supply contracts with these six suppliers on behalf of the EU member states. Referring to confidentiality clauses in the contracts, the Brussels-based authority did not want to comment on the information disseminated by De Bleeker on Friday.

EU stocks up: 460 million doses of vaccine
In total, the EU’s supply contracts amount to just over 1.3 billion doses. Options for 660 million more doses have also been agreed. For the most promising vaccines, the Commission already used these options and increased the order for Pfizer-Biontech from 200 to 300 million and for Moderna from 80 to 160 million doses.


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