Check your eligibility for over 30 benefits and increase your income with the pension benefit calculator.


Check your eligibility for over 30 benefits and increase your income with our pension benefit calculator.

Over 30 benefits could be available to older people in the UK to help them supplement their income.

It can be difficult to know what benefits older Britons are entitled to, given the wide range of benefits that may be available.

Fortunately, a useful online tool may be able to provide the answers that people require.

Age UK provides a free benefits calculator that can assist seniors in determining their entitlements.

The calculator is available on the Age UK website, and any data entered by the user is kept private.

The calculator can provide information on a long list of advantages.

However, depending on which benefit someone is interested in, the insight will vary in detail.

The calculator can show how much a person could get by claiming a variety of benefits.

This includes well-known benefits like Pension Credit.

Others, on the other hand, can only provide an estimate of whether or not a person is eligible.

The following is a complete list of benefits for which the calculator can estimate a possible amount:

The calculator can only show you if you might be eligible for the following benefits, but it can’t tell you how much you’ll get:

England, Scotland, and Wales are all included in the calculator.

In order to learn what they may be entitled to, users must provide information about their circumstances.

This includes information such as where they live, whether they are single or married, and whether or not they have caring responsibilities.

The calculator, however, comes with a disclaimer that states it is only intended to provide an estimate to help people figure out how much they might be able to claim.

It does not imply that you will be eligible for any benefits.

Call Age UK’s support line on 0800 055 6112 if you’d like to speak to someone about your potential benefits over the phone.


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