Check now to discover if you qualify for a chance to win £100,000 from Halifax.


Check now to discover if you qualify for a chance to win £100,000 from Halifax.

HALIFAX is giving Britons the chance to win big money in its prize draw, but they must first check their eligibility.

Halifax is a well-known banking brand with millions of customers, but aside from its interest rates, savers may be eligible for a bonus. This is due to the bank’s Savers Prize Draw, which offers a chance to win cash prizes. Over 1,600 people in the lottery will be chosen at random each month to win money, and they could wake up much richer.

Three savers will each earn £100,000, with the remaining 100 winning $1,000.

An additional 1,500 savers will receive a £100 award, according to Halifax.

The bank has so far paid out over £57 million in rewards to a total of 105,000 winners.

Batons must save £5,000 or more in qualifying accounts to be eligible for the prize draw.

To be eligible into the next month’s prize draw, they must hold £5,000 or more for the whole calendar month.

There are a few things that Britons should keep in mind before registering for the prize draw.

To begin, individuals must be 18 years old or older to be eligible for this draw.

To be eligible, they must also reside in England, Wales, or Scotland.

Finally, to be eligible for the prize, savers must have a qualifying Halifax savings account.

The eligible account must be a personal account with Halifax or Bank of Scotland branding.

It excludes any sum in a savings account for children, as well as any account held for non-personal purposes.

The bank claims that registering is simple and that British citizens only need to do it once.

This can be done in a variety of ways to make the savers’ lives easier.

Individuals can register through the Halifax app, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or by going to their nearest bank.

Unless they request otherwise, once a person’s information is collected, they will be automatically placed into the monthly draws for which they qualify.

Only one entry per person each month is allowed, and if multiple entries are received, only the most recent one will be placed into the drawing.

The draw takes place every month during the first three business days, and the results are subsequently made public. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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