Check now for Universal Credit and state pension payments due early next month.


Check now for Universal Credit and state pension payments due early next month.

UNIVERSAL Payments of Universal Credit, state pensions, and other benefits are frequently made on the same day or twice a month. However, certain bank holidays may influence these payment dates, with the next one scheduled for next month.

Payments of state pensions and other benefits are normally made on a set schedule. When payment dates fall on a bank holiday, however, the DWP will normally make payments on the first working day after the holiday.

As bank holidays fall across the UK in August, this might affect millions of benefit claimants in the coming weeks.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the next bank holiday is on Monday, August 30.

Those who were supposed to get their benefits on this date will get them on August 27.

An earlier bank holiday is on the horizon in Scotland, which will result in some people receiving money earlier this month.

Scotland’s next bank holiday is on August 2nd.

This means that benefit payments due on this date will most likely be received on July 30.

Claimants will be affected differently depending on the type of assistance they get, however the government explains how payment schedules for each benefit work:

Benefit claimants will be required to choose a bank, building society, or credit union account to receive their payments.

Only if a claimant has trouble opening or managing an account can they be paid in a different method.

If claimants have problems doing this, they should contact the office that pays the benefit for help.

This is usually either the DWP or HMRC.

Independent calculators can be obtained online for those who are unsure if they are eligible for any state benefits.

These free-to-use tools can assist people in determining what benefits they may be eligible for, how to claim them, and how their benefits would be modified if they begin working.

These instruments are anonymous, according to the government, and have taken the position of the Benefits Adviser service.

Although the government does not supply these tools, the state has endorsed a number of organizations that do.

The government has identified the following companies as effective benefit calculator providers:


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