Changes to state pension payout dates will take effect next month – Are you a victim of this?


Changes to state pension payout dates will take effect next month – Are you a victim of this?

Due to the Bank Holidays surrounding Christmas and New Year, pensioners may get their state pension payments on a different date in December.

With Christmas rapidly coming, Britons are getting excited as they make preparations for the winter celebrations. People who receive important benefits such as the state pension, on the other hand, may be confused during the holiday season since they are unknown when they will receive their payments.

The state pension, which is normally paid once every four weeks between Monday and Friday, is a good example.

However, Bank Holidays can cause these normal payment dates to vary, which could be the case next month when Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day all fall in January.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has not officially confirmed how payment dates would be amended over Christmas and New Year, but given that December 25 and 26 fall on Saturday and Sunday this year, it’s a strong probability.

As a result, Bank Holidays will be observed on Monday, December 27 and Tuesday, December 28, as well as on Monday, January 3 and December 4 in Scotland.

Check the final two digits of your National Insurance number if you’re not sure when your state pension is due.

00 to 19 – Monday payment

20 to 39 years old – paid on Tuesday

40 to 59 years old – paid on Wednesday

60-79 years old – paid on a Thursday

ranging from $80 to $99 if paid on a Friday

The following benefits recipients may get their payments on a different date than usual:

Pension from the state

Universal Credit (UC) is a government program that

Credit for Pensions

Allowance for Living (DLA) (DLA)

Payment for Individual Independence (PIP)

Allowance for Attendance

Allowance for Carers

Employment Assistance Allowance (ESA) (ESA)

monetary assistance

Allowance for Job Seekers (JSA)

Although the DWP has not yet confirmed holiday payment dates, they are anticipated to follow HMRC’s amended standards.

The following are possible payment dates for the holiday season:

Payments are due on Friday, December 24th, and there will be no changes.

Saturday, December 25th: Payment will be paid on Friday, December 24th.

Payments are due on Sunday, December 26th, and will be processed on Friday, December 24th.

Payments are due on Monday, December 27 (a bank holiday in place of Christmas Day) and will be received on Friday, December 24.

Payment will be made on “Brinkwire Summary News” on Tuesday, December 28 (Bank Holiday in lieu of Boxing Day).


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