CENSIS and Scottish Engineering are working together to link students to industry.



In collaboration with Scottish Engineering, CENSIS – Scotland’s center of excellence for sensing and imaging systems and the Internet of Things – has created 40 internship opportunities for engineering students.

The companies are partnering with e-Placement Scotland to find internship opportunities for students at Scottish universities and colleges next summer, bridging the gap between academia and industry. The collaboration represents the first time that e-Placement Scotland has opened up opportunities in the engineering industry, benefiting from CENSIS and Scottish Engineering’s vast networks and expertise.

E-Placement Scotland is a paid internship program that is open to employers and has put more than 3,000 interns to date, born out of a need to fix the rising skills gap and boost employability through real-world work experience. Created in 2010 by ScotlandIS and Edinburgh Napier University, the organization partners with Scottish colleges and universities to establish internship opportunities for students from computer science and software development to electronics and data science to study technical courses.

The e-Placement Scotland, CENSIS and Scottish Engineering hope to boost student employability by connecting students with potential employers. Experiences in the real world industry are a valuable instrument for learning soft skills such as communication, teamwork and project management, as well as improving professional understanding and providing students with the ability to apply theoretical expertise to problems in the industry.

“CENSIS CEO Paul Winstanley said, “In the last six months, the job market has changed rapidly and real-world experiences such as this can help students meet the recruitment challenges. Internships play a significant, intermediary role in helping students find employment, especially in technical fields, and can be a great tool for employers to find the best new talent.

Companies typically look for applicants with a year or two of experience, but summer internships can be a perfect opportunity for graduates to show their motivation, skills and drive and make a good impression on prospective employers fresh from college.

“We hope that by talking to Scottish manufacturing and engineering businesses about this program, employers will consider internships as part of a longer-term talent strategy, ultimately helping students access such valuable opportunities.”

In summer 2021, CENSIS and Scottish Engineering are keen to hear from any businesses that might sponsor a student internship.

It has long been a reality that job experience is the crucial factor for graduates to secure jobs after graduation, said Paul Sheerin, CEO of Scottish Engineering; but the availability of internships is not always clear to those who pursue them. The pandemic we are currently in is threatening to intensify this, but this initiative will directly help our young workers by supplying them with wi-fi.

These programs are a perfect opportunity for an employer to gain early access to untapped potential and to build the skills that employers want for students, producing more attractive applicants for future work. To make those connections for the future, we look forward to discussing this with both our members and the wider engineering community.

Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO of ScotlandIS, said, “At the core of everything we do is collaboration.” It is a natural part of our growth to partner with CENSIS and Scottish Engineering. I am proud that e-Placement Scotland has grown to the point where collaborations with the engineering sector will help the whole Scottish economy.

More specifics can be found by organizations interested in participating in the internship program at https://www.e-placementscotland.com/.


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