Can you get free broadband if you’re on Universal Credit?


Can you get free broadband if you’re on Universal Credit?

As part of a new scheme unveiled by the Department for Employment and Pensions, people on Universal Credit will be able to claim free broadband for six months to assist them get back into work (DWP).

Following a collaboration between the DWP and telecoms operator TalkTalk to help reduce digital obstacles for the most disadvantaged in society, unemployed jobseekers will be provided free internet access for six months. According to the most recent government numbers, more than 1.5 million individuals are looking for job, the biggest number since 2015, as the country continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new scheme, which provides people with six months of free broadband, has been established in an attempt to assist the 1.5 million people on Universal Credit who are looking for work.

This effort attempts to combat digital exclusion and remove barriers, assisting those who are unemployed in regaining employment.

People with no income will receive a free six-month TalkTalk Fibre35 broadband voucher, allowing them to hunt for jobs online and prepare for job interviews.

Jobseekers will not be required to continue using the service after six months because they will not be bound by a contract.

The DWP is in charge of identifying and referring individuals who are in need of assistance.

Only persons on Universal Credit with no income will be able to access free broadband and six months of unlimited usage.

It could not only save them up to £92, but it could also assist them in returning to work or enrolling in a programme that could lead to employment in the future.

Some, however, have criticized the idea, claiming that it will not go far enough to help the weakest members of society.

According to media regulator Ofcom, two million families are unable to afford internet service.

Some businesses have already implemented low-cost tariffs for persons on benefits, according to the report.

However, only one percent of persons on benefits have taken advantage of these initiatives to get online.

People must communicate with their work coach and inquire about the Flexible Support Fund in order to receive free broadband from TalkTalk.

The supplier transmits codes to the DWP, which are subsequently passed on to qualified customers who can use them to pre-pay for services using the fund.

Customers then dial a special number to reach TalkTalk. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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