Butchers see good growth in red meat sales as customers purchase local meat.


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Butchers continue to be one of Scotland’s strongest red meat sellers, even as customers return to pre-closure shopping patterns, according to new Quality Meat Scotland figures (QMS).

Across Scotland, butchers have seen a rise in value of more than 20 percent year-on-year, and reports in recent weeks indicate that this trend continues to improve. In red meat sales, figures from major retailers also show steady growth.

The latest estimates, analyzed by QMS, show that for overall unprocessed red meat sales, butchers are still seeing a rise of 21.7 percent in value and 13.2 percent in volume over last year, relative to the rest of the industry, which averages + 12.8 percent in value and + 9.3 percent in volume.

The butchery trade peaked during the first freeze in April and May, becoming the second largest red meat retailer, Gordon Newlands, brand marketing manager at Quality Meat Scotland, said. This corresponded to more consumers opting to buy locally, whether to escape the store, for convenience or because they had more time or inclination to go to the butcher. This trend has continued,

At a glance, the business

Yesterday, C&D Auctions Ltd. sold 62 cattle at its Primestock weekly auction in Dumfries.

For a Limousin cross heifer to R, nine prime cattle met strong demand from local butchers and sold at 243p/kg. Johnstone & Sons Butchers, Annan, while cross heifers from Charolais sold to W. for 236p/kg. Creetown, Lindsay Butchers.

With a Simmental box heifer selling for £ 1010, the 53 OTM cattle at the auction were sharper on the week, while a Limousin heifer top was priced at 132p/kg.

Yesterday, 1220 prime lambs were also sold at Dumfries, which continued to sell for a pleasing trade. 246p/kg for lightweights and £112 for large Texels were the highest prices. The average price of the 630 lambs was 213p/kg, weighing between 39 kilograms and 45 kg.

For hard Texels, Throw ewes sold at £ 118 and for Blackfaces at £ 73.

Yesterday, Messrs. Craig Wilson Ltd sold 1551 prime lambs for an average of 207p/kg at Newton Stewart. With export weights still attracting the most demand, all classes saw an improvement on the previous week. For heavyweight Texels, the top price of £102 was reached, with Beltex leading the way at 246p/kg per kilo. The 390 Blackface Prime lambs were a special feature of the auction, which sold for an average of 205 pence. For a heavy weight pen or 213p for another pen, they topped £ 95. It was a good show for cast ewes, and trade remained good. With mules for £ 84, strong ewes peaked at £ 129 for pure Suffolk ewes. Mountain Ewes sold the Cheviots for 84 pounds.


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