Britons are urging Rishi Sunak to act, saying, “It is time!” The state pension age “should be decreased.”


Britons are urging Rishi Sunak to act, saying, “It is time!” The state pension age “should be decreased.”

A recent poll suggests that the state pension age be decreased, mirroring the demands of an official petition requesting for the age to be lowered to 63.

The State Pension age is presently 66, but it is expected to rise in the coming years as the UK’s life expectancy rises. Traditionally 60 for women and 65 for males, the state pension age has been steadily growing in recent years until gender parity was achieved in November 2018, and the state pension age has been gradually increasing since then. However, a petition opposing the changes was launched, demanding for a reversal and the Government to lower the retirement age to 63.

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The petition, which was posted on the Parliament website, said that doing so would allow grandparents to support their working offspring with childcare, so freeing up jobs for younger people.

In light of this, our website held a poll asking readers if they thought the state pension age should be lowered.

The petition received 4,174 signatures, indicating a resounding yes.

A total of 95% of those polled believed the state pension should be reduced, indicating a willingness to change.

One “It’s time to cut the state pension age, not continually raising it,” a website reader said.

“If you work in an office, you can work until you’re 70 years old with no problems.

“However, manual and skilled workers, such as electricians, would find it difficult to do their duties at that age.”

“This would undoubtedly free up jobs for younger people as well,” added another.

“Wishful thinking, but it should surely happen,” wrote a third.

Others, on the other hand, were skeptical of some of the petition’s suggestions, with only 4% of respondents agreeing that the age should be raised. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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