‘Brexit was unavoidable,’ says a city official as London ‘DOMINATES!’ ’


‘Brexit was unavoidable,’ says a city official as London ‘DOMINATES!’ ’

Brexit was “essential,” according to a top city brokerage advisor, who also stated that London continues to dominate following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Brexit is a “reminder” that London has the “upper hand in the financial world,” according to Alex Story, a senior advisor at a city brokerage who works closely with asset managers and financial institutions. “Brexit was necessary,” Mr Story told VC Magazin.

“It served as a reminder that, while London has the financial upper hand, it does not have the political upper hand.

“A country can only go its own way peacefully if it can build a broad consensus that is acceptable to the majority.

“People and business find London and the United Kingdom to be highly inviting locations.

“As a result of Brexit, Britain has remained unchanged.

“It will remain what it has always been: a terrific place to do business, enjoy French cuisine, drive home in the latest German automobile, and watch an American film on Japanese hardware.”

When asked about the UK startup sector, Mr Story went on to claim that, thanks to Brexit, “London dominates.”

“London dominates – and not just in the start-up scene,” he continued.

“Part of the rationale for Brexit is because of this.

“Essentially, the north of England is an internal growth market.

“Venture capital funds like Maven, Albion, and Catapult have exploded in cities like Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, and Liverpool in recent years.”

After being momentarily eclipsed by Amsterdam, London reclaimed first place in European stocks trading this week.

In response, Francois Asselineau, head of the French union UPR, tweeted: “Not only is the post-Brexit Armageddon still not in sight, but things are becoming worse in France and the Eurozone.”

He also tweeted, “This is again additional proof that the Europeanists’ horrible Brexit forecasts were nothing more than false stories to scare children.”

After recovering its equity trading position ahead of Amsterdam, the City of London has reclaimed its status as Europe’s premier financial centre for stock trading.

One of the key reasons London has regained its dominance is that it has reintroduced the trading of Swiss company shares.

A financial expert warned this week that Brussels’ plans to “destroy” the City of London have “failed and failed horribly.”

Matthew Lynn, a financial expert and author, stated that the EU felt it could “regulate its way to success.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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