Breaking up with the bank results in a loss of good holiday consumers.


Breaking up with the bank results in a loss of good holiday consumers.

Paying for a vacation, having it cancelled, and then having no way to get a refund or claim one is a common story in these Covid times, and that almost happened to a couple who planned a trip to Benidorm this spring. However, Carole and Fredrick Curtis’ fight has a just and pleasant finish, with Carole and Fredrick Curtis receiving £651 in compensation and looking forward to another vacation next year, much better prepared.

The couple purchased airfare in January, which were later refunded by Easyjet, as well as a stay at the resort’s Flash Hotel in May. It wasn’t until they paid using their Santander bank account debit card that they realized “it was stolen by, a firm we’d never heard of before,” Carole explained., a bargain travel services company, had to cancel the contract in March due to travel limitations.

She continued, “After that, we went back and forth with them.” “They took their time and then presented me with a coupon. We declined since we didn’t know when we’d be able to travel again. Since then, we haven’t heard from them.”

Their attempts to file a chargeback using their debit card were likewise unsuccessful at first because they were told they had over the 120-day time limit.

“We have to send the papers by mail, which slows things down, and it appears like we are running out of time to apply, but only by two days at most,” Carole continued.

Crusader also came up empty-handed when it came to getting a response from, and our appeal for assistance from sibling UK-based company Hotelspro Ltd went unanswered.

Many additional Otel customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with their losses on the internet.

Carole and Fredrick didn’t have travel insurance that covered them from the moment they booked, so that was out.

With Covid demands, making a timely claim has become increasingly more important, and Carole and Fredrick’s situation is a typical illustration of what consumers face.

Payment card regulations have been established and would be extremely difficult to change. After we asked if this might be considered, Crusader was assured that it could, despite the pandemic’s extreme demands.

It’s just as well, then, that Santander has done the right thing by their loyal clients with the £651 “goodwill gesture” following the review.

“Mr and Mrs. ”Brinkwire Summary News,” a Santander spokesman stated.


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