Botanycl promotes hormone balance through natural acne treatments.


Botanycl promotes hormone balance through natural acne treatments.

Botanycl, a natural supplements company based in the United Kingdom, will launch in the United States next month with a revolutionary treatment that clears acne-prone skin by addressing the underlying devastation created by hormone imbalances.

The company’s signature SkinClear Elixir, which is sold directly and is also stocked by Holland & Barrett and Superdrug, is both an e-commerce and physical retail operation.

Botanycl, which was founded in 2018 by Caroline Sims, a former NHS mental health worker, also sells Vitamin D and C supplements.

More plans are in the works to launch a hair growth product before Christmas, and the west London-based company expects to turn over £1 million next year.

Sims, an acne sufferer herself, has built Botanycl from the bottom up, drawing on her social science background and trialing plant-based formulas at her kitchen table to come up with a spot-on answer.

“It wasn’t apparent how the chemicals would function together in balancing hormones before SkinClear Elixir. “I was able to patent the formula because of this,” she explains.

“I was looking for an alternative to the harsh pharmaceutical prescriptions, lasers, and antibiotics that I had tried to treat my skin problems.

“I did some research and discovered that plant-based components were the best option. These products improved my quality of life by clearing my skin without causing any unwanted effects.

Botanycl now requires a £300,000 angel investor and a health and beauty retail expert to expand internationally.

Caroline Sims, the company’s founder

“Botanycl’s formula works from the inside out, regulating hormones right where they belong. The vitamins aid to clear up existing imperfections, and the goods don’t contain any synthetic, lab-made fillers or boosters, which is rare in supplements.”

According to Sims, the Vitamin D spectrum also addresses another issue. “Our Vitamin D3 is vegan, whereas the vast majority of Vitamin D3 on the market is derived from sheep’s wool.”

Elixir is solely recommended for ladies due to hormonal variances between men and women. Customers are mostly between the ages of 25 and 35, but there is a wide range of ages due to teenage and menopausal acne.

Social media has been critical in spreading the word, allowing the company to compete with larger brands while also attracting return customers.

“The body-positive movement and increasing self-esteem have been quite helpful for Botanycl; people post unedited photographs of terrible skin days,” says Sims, who works with a network of UK manufacturers and utilizes an outsourcing approach. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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