Austen is the first Scottish shop in Blake, the Glasgow Argyll Arcade diamond engagement ring jewelry store.


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Austen & Blake, a’ high-end, made-to-order diamond jewelry maker,’ has announced that with the opening of two new stores, one in Glasgow, it has created 10 jobs.

Austen & Blake, formed in 2012, will enter the jewelry district of Glasgow, occupying 500 square feet at 52 Argyll Arcade on Buchanan Lane.

This is the first shop in Scotland for engagement ring specialists, taking the total number of U.K. Four shops, including both the London shop and Manchester and Leeds.

Changing travel industry dynamics have put the Scottish tech business on the road to growth

“In a time that is incredibly uncertain for many, it is a great pleasure to have found employment with Austen & Blake,” a spokesman for the Glasgow branch said.

We know that special occasions can be marked by gifting jewellery, and our role is to inform clients about diamonds, their form, colour, clarity and cut, while offering the best possible quality. Just in time for the holiday season, we can’t wait to welcome the local crowd.

A ten-year lease with Cushman & Wakefield for the unit has been signed by Austen & Blake, which will be extended upon completion.

James Williams, Austen & Blake director, said, “In the vibrant Parisian-style arcade, we are delighted to be opening a Glasgow store.” We have worked very hard to ensure that our teams comply with all the appropriate protocols for health and safety and we thank our clients for adhering to the rules of social distance and being so cooperative with us during this period.

“We look forward to our future expansion plans and opening our first London store in early 2021.” Austen & Blake is located at 52 Argyll Arcade.

January 23, 2020 Legrams Lane, Bradford, Openreach Training Center. Names: Shaun Steward, Emily Wardle, Liam Guardascione and James Redman, from left to right.

The networking giant in Scotland generates 275 jobs.

By announcing plans to build at least 275 engineering jobs in 2021, Openreach has given the Scottish economy a much-needed employment boost.

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Record of 1,250 new apprentices and graduates employed by defense contractors

With more than 850 apprenticeships and 400 graduate vacancies available throughout the UK, BAE Systems aims to hire a record number of new apprentices to its entry-level programs in 2021.

“the highest number we have ever recruited in a single year,”the highest number we have ever employed in a single year.

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