At the Can Do Innovation Summit, businesses bid for a spot in the worldwide showcase.


Small and medium-sized Scottish businesses will have the ability to present more than 800 investors, experts, entrepreneurs and innovators to a global audience.

The CAN DO Innovation Summit will take place as the key event of the VentureFest Scotland Innovation Festival on 3 February.

The event is aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses embrace new innovations, develop advanced work cultures and obtain the right support to allow innovation-driven uplift and growth.

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The competition provides a select number of small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to win a place on the virtual SME stage, where the best examples of innovation from small and medium-sized enterprises across Scotland will have five minutes to demonstrate their industry to an international audience. Winners are also eligible to receive Scottish Business funding.

Entrants must send a 30- to 90-second film demonstrating how their organization is driving innovation by midnight on December 17, to stand a chance of winning a spot.

Dr. Laura Bell, Director of the CAN DO Innovation Summit, said, “For the best chance, keep an eye out for this year’s key themes: Journey to a Sustainable Future, Recovery and Resilience, Workplace Innovation, Advance Manufacturing and Digitization, and MedTech and Health Innovation.”


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