As the Christmas race for the Xbox Series X heats up, gamers are looking for fair play – The Crusader.


As the Christmas race for the Xbox Series X heats up, gamers are looking for fair play – The Crusader.

After paying for, but not receiving, one of this Christmas’s hottest tickets, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X next generation console, a family found themselves in a tough spot.

Gamers are more than up to the task of endurance testing, but this was too much for Holly Lee, who went all out when Amazon began pre-ordering for the flagship in late September. With a £449 Series X, praised for its speed and smoothness, in the bag and Christmas sorted in the Lee home, success came quickly.

But, as Holly informed Crusader, the delivery in early November developed into a tense situation due to a no-show. “We were promised the delivery will arrive for over a week, however it couldn’t be delivered since they were out of stock, and my order was cancelled.

“It was a huge disappointment. I’m still waiting for my reimbursement, and then I’ll be able to move to the front of the line somewhere else.”

Crusader notified Amazon, which expedited the money’s refund and provided the family a £150 goodwill gesture as compensation for the difficulty.

A spokeswoman stated, “We’re all about making our customers happy, and that didn’t happen for a small percentage of these orders.” “We’re contacting every consumer who has alerted us so we may provide them a replacement.” Anyone who has experienced a problem with an order can get in touch with our customer care department for assistance.”

According to researcher Mintel, the UK games and consoles market has expanded by 55% this year and is likely to be worth £2 billion, with more than half of owners ready to upgrade.

As severe stock shortages of their object of desire continue, devoted gamers are disappointed. When Argos released some, Holly’s pre-dawn raid failed as well.

They are, however, available to anyone willing to spend £800, which is the going figure quoted on some sites and believed to come from greedy resellers. Many gamers believe Crusader’s price is too high and that it should be reduced.


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