As her side business increases, the mother of three turns £300 into £80,000 in less than a year.


As her side business increases, the mother of three turns £300 into £80,000 in less than a year.

After being inspired while seeing The Bee Movie with her children, DANI WALLACE became a professional singer who later became a motivational speaker and coach.

Ms Wallace was singing on stages all over the world by the age of 17, but her family pressured her to pursue a more traditional life and career. Settling down resulted in a series of unfortunate events that culminated in her being thrown into homelessness, where she rediscovered her passion and began what would become a six-figure business.

Ms Wallace started with £300 and generated £80,000 in less than a year, increasing her earnings to a quarter of a million pounds presently through the world-famous I am the Queen Bee Movement.

On her journey to success, she has also done her part to empower others, raising almost £20,000 for domestic violence support organisations and £3,000 for her newly founded Fly Anyway Foundation.

Ms Wallace has always excelled at presenting, directing, and teaching big groups, in addition to her musical abilities.

Her passion for and skill for singing was discovered at a young age, she claims. “When I was nine years old, my primary school teacher noticed that I had a flair for singing and encouraged me to pursue it – but my family couldn’t afford additional official singing lessons.”

“By the age of 17, I’d chosen to put my skills to use on stage, and I’d traveled the world singing and compering in hotels and cruise ships.”

Despite her success, her family desired that she take a more traditional path: “When I was 22, my family wanted me to settle down and acquire a ‘real career,’ so I bought a house with my then-partner and had my first kid, Poppy.”

“I was rapidly talent managed in the corporate sector, going into leadership training for many worldwide companies due to my natural presenting talents and ability to train large groups… but I missed singing so much!”

Ms Wallace’s family got their dream in 2008, when she was settled after the birth of her first child and looking forward to her approaching wedding, only for everything to be turned upside down when her partner broke the engagement only weeks after sending out ‘Save the Dates.’

“Brinkwire Summary News” would prove to be a catastrophic turning point in both her profession and her life.


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