As he describes how he eliminated £20,000 in debt, a man offers the “greatest thing he ever accomplished.”


As he describes how he eliminated £20,000 in debt, a man offers the “greatest thing he ever accomplished.”

By quitting his corporate sales career, FAIS CHAUDRY, 35, was able to pay off £20,000 in debt and begin his climb onto the property ladder in just two years.

In 2018, Mr Chaudry quit his typical office job in favor of freelancing, beginning a career as a home painter. In an exclusive interview with This website, he detailed his path to financial independence, as well as some helpful hints for anyone looking to get out of debt.

Like many others, the West London resident got into debt at university and became trapped in a cycle of payday loans.

“For nearly seven years, the cycle was that I had six or seven payday loans cycling every month to pay off the other payday loans,” he explained.

“I got myself into a very deep cycle. I needed to do something drastic, and waiting for a raise or a random bonus from the firm was not an option.

“All of the costs were out of control. So, to cut a long tale short, whatever my take-home pay was after taxes, my general costs were at least half of that, and after food, I had around £200 left over to pay off my credit cards, which were all maxed out. Then I ran out of money and had to use my credit card, and it was a never-ending loop.

“My regular wage wasn’t cutting it; it wasn’t until I started making a little extra money on the side that I was able to get ahead.”

Mr Chaudry began freelancing on Airtasker UK in the evenings and weekends while continuing working his corporate sales job to see if the profession was a good fit for him. It also allowed him to augment his income while waiting for his first child to arrive.

He returned home early one day after three months to tell his wife that he had quit and decided to pursue painting full-time.

“I left in December 2018, but I had started doing part-time work in the evenings on top of my regular job in August to give it a go. People had already started referring me to others.

“I wasn’t a qualified or professional painter. It was either this or having something truly incredible happen at work, which we constantly hope for but never seem to get. As a result, I.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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