As closure hits the UK travel industry, rail services are likely to be halved.


In the face of constraints, airlines review flight schedules and tour operators postpone vacations.

Due to Covid travel restrictions, rail services in the UK are likely to be cut by about 50 percent in the coming weeks, while airlines review their schedules and tour operators cancel bookings for the coming months.

As it aims to minimize running costs for the now largely nationalized railroads, the government will consult with rail companies on the services to be cut from the timetable.

Rail operators expect the rules adopted on Monday to warn people, if possible, to stay at home for work and to prohibit non-essential travel, ensuring that travel will return to the pace of the first shutdown in 2020.

Ridership dropped to as low as 4% of the pre-blockage rate at that time, and several trains ran practically empty.

As covid infection rises across the UK, rail operators are also bracing for workers to fall sick or isolate themselves.

Official estimates for national rail usage in 2021 are not yet available, but Transport for London said Tube trips were at 18 percent of pre-pandemic figures on Tuesday morning, the first peak hour under the current lockdown regulations, while bus trips were at 30%.

To date, these are considerably higher than the lowest weekday figures (5 percent and 16 percent respectively) during the 2020 closures, likely representing the wider exemptions for approved bubble support trips.

The Transport Department said, “In the coming days, we will work with operators to evaluate the correct level of service delivery, as we did during the pandemic.”

“While we cannot predict the long-term impact of Covid-19 on travel patterns, it is critical that we ensure railroads can respond quickly to changes in passenger demand while supporting economic recovery.”
Under emergency recovery contracts negotiated in the industry in October, the deficit in ticket sales is largely shouldered by the government, and ministers are eager to contain the expense, which has already increased to £ 9 billion in additional subsidies since the franchises were replaced in March.

In January and February, the Grand Central railway company, which operates between London and the Northeast and still depends on fare revenue, suspended all of its services on Tuesday.

Operators ran schedules approximately equal to Sunday service at the initial closure, or around 55 percent of weekday rate, and steadily restored services through the fall until 87 percent of trains ran and passengers returned.

Robert Nisbet, director of the Rail Delivery Group industry association, said, “We work closely with the government to ensure that we provide the right level of service……” Our employees are making sure that those who need to travel will do so with confidence by increasing cleaning and providing better customer information.
British Airways and EasyJet, meanwhile, said they are revising their timetables.

“Our focus is on keeping vital routes open – to transport vital goods and ensure people who are allowed to travel can continue to do so safely.” a BA spokesman said.
BA passengers whose flights are still in service can opt to accept a voucher or rebook, while a refund will be issued for BA vacation customers traveling before Feb. 12.

EasyJet said it would limit its schedules to a limited number of international routes and U.K. domestic routes.

“It said that all customers who were unable to travel due to the closures can rebook or receive a refund, whether flights were canceled or not. The airline renewed its call for tailored support for the sector to the Ministry of Finance, “like that given to the hospitality industry, where decisions have directly impacted the ability to trade. It is necessary to apply the same concept to aviation.
Before Jan. 31 and through mid-February, tour operator Tui said it was canceling trips departing from U.K. airports. The company is calling customers who were due to fly to provide rebookings, vouchers or refunds during the departure time.

A TUI UK spokeswoman said, “In accordance with current travel cancellations, we are constantly reviewing vacation cancellations.”


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