Are you qualified for a 2.02% interest rate and a £150 bonus from Virgin Money?


Are you qualified for a 2.02% interest rate and a £150 bonus from Virgin Money?

VIRGIN MONEY is offering a particularly appealing deal, which includes both savings and a bonus for those who transfer.

Virgin Money is a household name in the United Kingdom, with millions of customers flocking to the company each year. Many people may be wanting to put a little extra money aside for financial stability during this challenging economic period. The fundamental goal of savers, on the other hand, is to grow their money over time, and many have been feeling pessimistic recently in this regard.

Some may be discouraged by the fact that interest rates are at historic lows as a result of the pandemic, and the Bank of England appears to have no immediate plans to raise its base rate.

However, a bargain offered by Virgin Money, among other providers, may persuade Britons to put their money in the bank.

Its M Plus Account pays a competitive interest rate of 2.02 percent to savers who want to expand their money.

It’s available for amounts up to £1,000, with monthly interest.

This account is linked to Virgin Money’s M Plus Saver, which gives you the chance to earn 0.35 percent interest on your savings amount.

An organized overdraft, contactless debit card, no monthly fee, and hassle-free switching are some of the other benefits of saving this way.

Most Britons will be able to take advantage of the Current Account Switch Guarantee, which is an official program that helps people switch providers by doing the legwork for them.

A person who is 18 years old or older can apply for this account online or over the phone.

Customers who are 16 or 17 years old will be permitted to create an account in specific Virgin Money locations, but must contact the company ahead of time to find out which locations are suitable.

Britons must also have identification on hand, such as a passport or driver’s license, in order to apply.

When it comes to this account, however, the high interest rate is not the sole attraction for Britons.

This is because Virgin Money is also offering a £150 gift to bank switchers as an additional incentive.

Virgin Money is offering a £150 gift card with Virgin Experience Days to people who transfer to the bank. Virgin Experience Days offers a variety of activities such as spas, restaurants, and racing.

Individuals must apply for the M Plus Account online and then switch to the official Current Account to qualify. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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