Are any of these comics in your collection? Sellers are flocking in, and they’re making a killing.


Are any of these comics in your collection? Sellers are flocking in, and they’re making a killing.

COMIC BOOKS depicting characters such as Spider-Man and Superman are fetching hundreds, if not millions, of pounds on the internet.

As the popularity of superhero brands like Marvel and DC grows, so does the demand for their paraphernalia. As a result, the value of products like rare comic books has skyrocketed, as evidenced by recent study by

A rare Superman comic sold for a record-breaking £2.5 million earlier this year, smashing the previous record of £2.33 million set in 2014.

Figures like these illustrate that comic books might be a good investment because of their potential high resale value in the future.’s personal finance experts compiled a list of superheroes and combed through eBay sales to find the most valuable comic books.

They were able to discover which character had the greatest average reselling price as a result of their investigation.

Spider-Man has the greatest median selling price of £11,762 per comic, making it the most valuable superhero comic to potential investors on average.

X-Men is in second position, with a current median resale price of £9,508 on eBay.

Batman is in third place, with a current median selling price of £7,500.

While such figures are outstanding on a median basis, they pale in comparison to the staggeringly high prices paid for the most costly single listings.

Superman is currently the most expensive item on eBay, with a price tag of £2,521,033.

Batman is a close second, with the comic selling for £2,520,987.

James Andrews, a personal finance expert at, commented on the findings and emphasized the importance of these comics.

“Not only are comic books carrying on the history of so many great fictional characters, but they are also gaining in value over time,” he said.

Mr Andrews added of Spider-Man, the character with the highest median selling price: “These figures only go to illustrate how precious the superhero is to fans all across the world.”

Mr. Andrews feels that, given the recent success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the market for valuable comics will only get stronger over time.

“Not only are comic books increasing in value, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time,” he said.

“It doesn’t appear to be slowing down.”

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