Alternatives to the USPS in 2021 and the Most Economical Way to Ship a Package in 2021


(Photo : Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company) Packages UPSUSPS began its slowdown on Oct. 1, which means the prices are up and the wait time is longer. Luckily, there are alternatives that you can turn to that are both cheap and fast.

There are a lot of shipping discounts available, and if you are running an e-commerce business, you should not be charged with retail shipping rates.

Through incentive programs, shipping software, and carrier negotiations, there are several ways that you can get discounts with carriers.

USPS Alternatives with Cheap Shipping

Different carriers ensure delivery within a specific time period. Below is a list of preferred services for some of the most common delivery timeframes, according to ShipStation.

Bear in mind that these services are for packages that are 10lbs and lighter. It is better for heavier packages to check the carriers individually or through a shipping rate calculator.

For 2 to 3 day shipping, you can go with FedEx and UPS Ground Services. Normally, USPS Priority Mail offers the best rate, but since the slowdown plan is already in effect, chances are, the prices have increased.

UPS and FedEx both offer competitive rates for packages that are 7 lbs. and above.

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Keep in mind that a residential surcharge is applicable to residential addresses when you ship packages through UPS or FedEx. This will add $3 to $4 to every shipment.

Sometimes, these addresses are not listed as residential in the carrier’s platform, and you won’t even know that you are paying extra until you receive an invoice.

USPS does not have a residential surcharge because the postal service already anticipates delivering to each and every address. This is why heavier packages start becoming more expensive, according to ShipEasy.

USPS first-class mail and packages have increased its prices on Oct.1, which means the prices of the other services have doubled.

USPS also has changed its time frame for its service, which is now longer than usual, with first-class mail arriving in five days than the usual three days.

Options for 2-Day Shipping

It is important to note that USPS does not offer a 2-day shipping service. According to The Washington Post, any package that needs to be delivered within two days needs to be sent through UPS 2nd Day service or FedEx 2 Day service.

Options for Next Day Shipping

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