AllotMe’s soil-free GrowPod for fruits and vegetables


The architect behind AllotMe, a website known as a “Airbnb for gardens” invented the most sustainable hydroponic planter in the world.

The GrowPod helps individuals to grow fruits and vegetables without the need for soil or energy in their own homes. Graduate of the Glasgow School of Art Conor Gallagher thinks this could help save the world.

There is everything gardeners need, including seeds, in the latest low-tech kit for growing at home.

The 30-year-old claims that the GrowPod uses 90% less water than conventional methods of indoor cultivation.

In a pioneering collaboration with African academics and corporations, the university

His breakthrough includes a hydroponic method of growing that uses a body of water rather than soil, helping plants grow larger and more regularly. It is believed that the approach is more sustainable than vertical farming, where the plants are grown indoors in stacked layers, often using hydroponics, since the plants do not use artificial light.

Mr. Gallagher said, “By growing even a small bunch of salad greens at home, every household can have a direct relationship with the food they eat and where it comes from.”

The design is “particularly important because it addresses two key issues in society – access to affordable, healthy food and climate change.” said Penny Macbeth, director of the Glasgow School of Art.


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