Albacom purchases clean energy technologies from Genista


Via Kristy Dorsey

In order to grow into the renewable energy optimization technologies market, Dundee-based Albacom has partnered with a nearby battery storage specialist.

An undisclosed six-figure sum has been paid by the engineering and design firm to buy half of Genista, a Kirriemuir-based company founded by founder Graham Hall in May 2019. Genista provides battery solutions that can be designed to store energy from renewable sources anywhere from 30 KW to several megawatts, which is then released later when required.

The trading name of the new joint venture will be Genista Resources, with Mr. Hall as the managing director. As a non-executive officer, Albacom’s managing director, Jim Davidson, will join Genista’s board.

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Founded in 1990 after the acquisition of the Dundee division of Ferranti, Albacom manufactures electrical components for the global defense and aerospace industries. Albacom manufactures Genista systems for the U.K. In its 14,000-square-foot office and factory building, and foreign buyers.

The two companies have 28 workers, but as demand for storage systems rises with the move to smart and renewable energy sources, that number is expected to rise. It is estimated that, over the next two years, up to 20 engineering, design and manufacturing jobs will be developed.

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We expect to see demand for our electric vehicle charging battery storage, where energy produced by PV systems can be stored in carports during the day to charge fleet vehicles overnight, saving costs and carbon,”We expect to see demand for our battery storage for electric vehicle charging, where it will be possible to store energy generated by PV systems on carports during the day to charge fleet vehicles overnight, saving costs and carbon,”

“Retail centers are using similar technologies to provide power for charging electric vehicles while their customers shop. In industry, battery systems can offset peak demand rates and prevent production outages by ensuring continuity of supply.”


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