After the Covid test result failed to come, the consumer was reimbursed for their travel expenses – The Crusader.


After the Covid test result failed to come, the consumer was reimbursed for their travel expenses – The Crusader.

When a holidaymaker was unable to board her trip to the Canary Islands because her promised £48 Fit-to-Fly test result had not arrived, she experienced further financial hardship as a result of her cancellation.

Stella James, on the other hand, is on a high after that agonizing low of wondering how she might afford to pay out again and save her vacation. After a long battle with Crusader to secure refunds from Dante Labs, the company has now refunded her for the missed delivery as well as £318 in additional charges.

++ Please contact consumer champion Maisha Frost at [email protected] if you’ve been affected by this issue or believe you’ve been a victim of injustice.


A more expensive exam and a new ticket, as well as transfer and parking costs, were among them.

When Stella thanked us for our help, she remarked, “I missed two days of my vacation, but I’m extremely relieved.”

Stella, a middle-class mother with adult children, planned her fitness vacation to Fuerteventura two years ago. “I went with Dante because of the affordable price.” She recalls, “I obeyed the rules but lost, which seemed so unfair.”

“They told me that my sample ‘had not been sorted yet’ and that I should wait. When the results didn’t arrive by the time I arrived for check-in, I had no choice but to leave my friend to continue without me.

“I was devastated, but my family and friends were amazing and helped me pay the replacement fees, so I was able to rebook everything as soon as possible.”

Before she flew, she sought assistance from Crusader, and we discussed the situation with Dante.

Stella’s claim was denied, and she was told she would have to wait 30 days for her test refund and that it would only cover that order.

Then it was repaid faster, and a few weeks ago the company apologized to Stella, stating her sample had been “affected by high amounts of demand,” and it refunded her an additional £318.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a consumer watchdog, has been pushing up its efforts to improve the PCR testing market for consumers who have complained about unfairly high pricing and poor service.

The CMA declared shortly after Stella received her returns that it was investigating Dante Labs and looking into customer complaints.

There was a lot in terms of testing firms’ terms. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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