After an oversight caused the council to take over their land, a Rutland family is fighting for compensation.


After an oversight caused the council to take over their land, a Rutland family is fighting for compensation.

THE owner of a tiny field who discovered it had been “grabbed” by Rutland County Council has been vindicated (RCC). The win, though, is bittersweet and incomplete.

Crusader has been assisting Manton roofer Alistair Rhys-Williams in his fight to protect the plot he purchased with his first wages in 1984. It was to graze his horse, and he was given a title deed signed by Leicestershire County Council, which he has kept throughout his life.

However, during a routine visit in May, he was surprised to see that his patch had been transformed into a Network Rail construction site. It had properly requested permission from the owner, which was RCC, according to paperwork, who had registered it in 2008.

Land registration was only made mandatory in 1991. Alistair’s property was left unregistered, which isn’t illegal, but it’s not a good idea.

While Alistair and his wife Claire strenuously objected to RCC, Network Rail restored the land and promised Alistair payment if his ownership could be proven.

Despite claiming evidence, they became stuck in bureaucracy and suspected some buck passing as they attempted to figure out what had happened.

“Our land has been taken away from us.” As the months passed, the couple told Crusader that they had been repeatedly asked to provide information, which they had done. “However, surely a title deed is the ultimate proof of our right, and what has happened is wrong,” they said, disputing RCC’s claim that it had been in regular contact about the problem.

“We feel as if we’ve been thrown out into the long grass and treated with contempt.” We’re concerned that we won’t be able to reach an agreement, and that our children will suffer as a result,” Alistair added.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? You can find out by entering your postcode or going to the website. InYourAreaCrusader brought the issue to the attention of both HM Land Registry and RCC, who agreed to pay for a survey that they believed was required.

RCC has now informed them that it “had to absolutely ensure the legal status.” “RCC has instructed solicitors to amend the title,” it stated, conceding a registration error had been made somewhere along the line.

Network Rail has now agreed to compensate the couple for their use of the property.

Alistair and Claire, on the other hand, paid £1,662 in legal fees to no avail. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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