After an increase in airplane transfer prices, a happy couple lands – The Crusader


After an increase in airplane transfer prices, a happy couple lands – The Crusader

After a tumultuous time in which the cost of switching their holiday flights skyrocketed, a couple has arrived exactly where they want to be.

Marion and David Ryan had to adjust their plans due to Covid’s fears and travel limitations. When it happened a second time, the couple faced a total bill of £440, on top of their £388 return tickets to Lanzarote. They booked their vacation with Ryanair a year ago and were supposed to leave in January. Concerned about the health hazards as the pandemic advanced, the retired couple decided to move the date forward to early May.

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Marion added, “We accepted that we needed to pay extra and did so.” “However, because travel is currently prohibited, we have requested a shift to November. We can accomplish this, however there will be a second £220 changeover cost to pay. This problem is not our fault, but we are at a loss for what to do; it is becoming too expensive.”

Ryanair is giving zero change flight transfer fees within a particular window this summer, but timing was not on their side. The couple’s dates, on the other hand, fall outside of this.

We asked the airline if the second charge might be waived, and it quickly responded that it would look into it. However, because to the lockdown, larger forces were sent in, and Marion and David’s flight was canceled.

Rather than a voucher, they have chosen the option of a cash refund, which would, according to confirmation, cover the flight change cost.

“We now have the space to prepare without the financial pressures,” Marion and David told Crusader. “We aren’t going on vacation right now, but we still feel like winners, thank you.”


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